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Published Nov 30, 20
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The Best Dice Bags

Tips For Choosing the Right Dice BagsWill Dice Bags Ever Die?

We've invested 5 years finding the very best leather. It is HIGH quality leather. Our Traditional leather is soft; the Two-Tone leather is really soft. Both are vibrant, resilient, and easy to take care of. Our leathers have a good weight to them and they manage effectively. 2. SUPERIOR DESIGN: Our shape makes it easy to select out which dice you need. dice pouch.

How to Choose the Right Dice BagsSave Time and Money With Dice Bags

It has a lip to keep dice from escaping. Even opened all the way, the cord develops a lip around the edges by keeping the edge raised. No leaving dice here as you search through your collection. 3. MULTIFUNCTIONAL: You can even roll in the bag. Remember that lip we just spoke about? Great.

That's right, you can roll in the bag, just set it on a flat surface. (Broken in leather does not typically require coaxing, but a new dice bag might require some minor adjustment to ensure the bottom is flat when you first set it down to roll.) 4. SIMPLE TO USE: Easy to close, easy to open, simple to bring.

Winning Philosophy For Dice Bags

They stop cable. Simple, right? Yeah, we thought so too. What it implies however, is that when you close the bag, it stays closed. It likewise implies that you can open it as much or as little as you like and it will stay that way until you choose to change it.

DURABLE: 450 test paracord, our cable of option, is resilient. It is rated to hold hundreds of pounds of weight before breaking. Paracord was at first designed for usage with parachutes. It was so awesome that it is now utilized for lots of other things. It is, in fact, really durable and incredibly strong for usage as a pull cord on a dice bag.

6. TRENDY: Eyelets include strength and look good doing it. Our eyelets help the cable relocation smoothly without getting captured up on the leather. They add a polished seek to the bags and they can be found in multiple colors. 7. COLLABORATED: We also utilize paracord suggestion covers. These keep your cable stop from sliding off without the need for a knot.

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The Art of Dice Bags7+ Ultimate Dice Bags Formulas

Plus, they match your cord stop. 8. CUSTOMIZED: You get to choose your own customized colors to reveal your special design. You do not need to carry your dice in a re-purposed alcohol wrapper and you do not have to carry your dice in one of those little velour dice bags that do not open or seal well.

NOT ONLY FOR DICE: You can even use these for things other than dice. Fashion jewelry, coins, cards, money, tokens, game pieces, and so on. We strongly advise avoiding sharp items. Q: Are they made of genuine leather?A: Yes. Our dice bags are made from either cow (Classic) or sheep (Two-Tone) leather. Both are smooth, soft, and have good weight to them.

The high quality leather we utilize is the factor the cost is what it is. Nothing about high quality leather is inexpensive: the resilience, the look, the feel, and the cost. On top of that, the Two-Tone leather is really soft. Q: Can I get a custom-made size/shape? A: Possibly. Email me and let's talk about it.

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We are always play-testing originalities, so if you have one, let us know. We have a couple of that are still in beta today. We take play-testing extremely seriously though, so we will not offer any new ideas till we are sure they work right and hold up over time.



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