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Published Nov 30, 20
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Positives aspects of Dice Bags

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We have actually invested five years finding the best leather. It is HIGH quality leather. Our Classic leather is soft; the Two-Tone leather is extremely soft. Both are vibrant, long lasting, and simple to look after. Our leathers have a good weight to them and they deal with extremely well. 2. SUPERIOR DESIGN: Our shape makes it simple to choose out which dice you require. dice pouch.

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It has a lip to keep dice from leaving. Even opened all the method, the cord produces a lip around the edges by keeping the edge elevated. No escaping dice here as you rummage through your collection. 3. MULTIFUNCTIONAL: You can even roll in the bag. Keep in mind that lip we just talked about? Excellent.

That's right, you can roll in the bag, simply set it on a flat surface area. (Broken in leather doesn't generally need coaxing, however a new dice bag might need some slight adjustment to make sure the bottom is flat when you first set it down to roll.) 4. EASY TO USAGE: Easy to close, simple to open, easy to bring.

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They stop cord. Simple, right? Yeah, we believed so too. What it suggests however, is that when you close the bag, it stays closed. It likewise suggests that you can open it as much or as little as you like and it will stay that method until you decide to adjust it.

DURABLE: 450 test paracord, our cord of option, is resilient. It is rated to hold numerous pounds of weight prior to breaking. Paracord was at first developed for usage with parachutes. It was so amazing that it is now used for great deals of other things. It is, in fact, extremely long lasting and very strong for usage as a pull cord on a dice bag.

6. ELEGANT: Eyelets add strength and look good doing it. Our eyelets help the cord relocation smoothly without getting caught up on the leather. They add a sleek appearance to the bags and they are available in numerous colors. 7. COORDINATED: We also utilize paracord pointer covers. These keep your cable stop from moving off without the requirement for a knot.

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Plus, they match your cord stop. 8. TAILORED: You get to pick your own custom colors to reveal your special style. You don't have to carry your dice in a re-purposed alcohol wrapper and you do not have to bring your dice in one of those little velour dice bags that do not open or seal well.

NOT ONLY FOR DICE: You can even use these for things besides dice. Precious jewelry, coins, cards, money, tokens, video game pieces, etc. We strongly suggest preventing sharp objects. Q: Are they made from real leather?A: Yes. Our dice bags are made from either cow (Timeless) or sheep (Two-Tone) leather. Both are smooth, soft, and have great weight to them.

The high quality leather we use is the factor the price is what it is. Absolutely nothing about high quality leather is low-cost: the sturdiness, the look, the feel, and the expense. On top of that, the Two-Tone leather is really soft. Q: Can I get a customized size/shape? A: Perhaps. E-mail me and let's talk about it.

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We are always play-testing new concepts, so if you have one, let us understand. We have a few that are still in beta today. We take play-testing really seriously though, so we won't sell any new ideas till we are sure they work right and hold up with time.



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